Jun 20, 2011

Nashvillian Supermodel Blogger?

SupermodelBlogger is in Nashville!  

I'm looking at houses y'all! The best part of looking at homes is riding around in the car with your real estate agent.  In my case her name is Andrea Woodard and she's a tall gorgeous blonde with a great sense of humor.  I'm very lucky.  So far we've looked at and enjoyed the atmosphere of 26 homes.  Yes, 26 homes in 2 days.






You want an explanation on those photos above? 

Well... we've traveled country roads and got lost at, would you believe... dead man's curve with a bridge out in front and a cemetary behind. I'm not kidding when I say; at the very moment we realized we were truly in the backwoods of TN,  we saw 3 vultures hanging out near a downed telephone wire with a log tied to it  and a ground hog, running for his life.  It took a solid hour with shoddy internet service to find our way back to civilization.  Gary wants privacy but  I will not be living that far out.  


But I must say, they take good care of their cemeteries. 


And then Andrea and I found my dream home. It was an accident.  I was just looking to see what our money could potentially buy.  I wasn't prepared to consider moving... across country.  Away from my family of friends.  Away from the community I've spent the last 6 years building.   How do you walk away from home?  Again.  

I left my childhood home when I was 17 and moved to New York.  I built a life in New York and then left when I was 23 to start a new adventure in Los Angeles.  I was bicoastal for a few years until I decided to put my feet in Los Angeles.  And now, it's possible I'll find myself in Nashville, TN. 

A whole new vibe.  A whole new people.  A brand new start and a great public school system for Henry in Williamson County.  Yes, public school for Henry would be a dream for me.  I'll just say it plainly. I'm afraid to raise my son in the private school system of Los Angeles.  I'm afraid of the competitive parents.  I'm afraid of 13 year olds with Channel hand bags.  I'm afraid of having my nanny take my child to play with another child's nanny. I'm afraid he'll grow up expecting a brand new BMW for his 16th birthday.  

Yes, there are charter schools but I've never won a lottery and I don't plan to spend the next 5 years volunteering at the school of my choice and giving money yearly so that I can have a spot in the 
"preferred parents" section of the lottery.

Solving the school issues, I'm left with the option of leaving Los Angeles.  Nashville seems the obvious choice.  Great public schools in Williamson county.  Low taxes.  No state income tax.  Deep music scene and woods where I can build a tree house and spend the days writing and driving my kids to piano practice and art class. 

So yeah, my pressing parenting issues with Los Angeles seem to be solved by a move to Nashville.  But it leaves one very important question unanswered.  Would the girlfriends I make in Nashville enjoy a sex toy party as much as my girlfriends in LA?  Would they understand the genius of meeting at "the bench" every monday night? Can I build that here?  Will I be able to stand the sadness of leaving my chosen family to expand and grow?  Do I dare?  

Will my family support a move?  Do they believe in my husband and I enough to help us make the jump at creating a sustainable life for our entire family? 

These are big questions I don't think will be answered without the process of time and action.  Here we go.  Moving forward, taking risks. 

Here's the house I've fallen in love with. 

IMG_2562.MOV Watch on Posterous

This house encompasses the potential of everything I've ever wanted to build in life.  I'll post my detailed plans for including my family in the space when and if we buy this home.  It's the house I could have christmas in with space for extended family and friends and room to accommodate all their needs.  

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