Jun 23, 2011

Beautiful Sleeping Boy With A Normal Mother

Henry fell asleep in my arms tonight.  The sweetest moment.  Everyone should create an opportunity to have a baby fall asleep in their arms.  The triumphant return to peaceful bliss after a half hour spent hauling butt around the house making dramatic shifts from screaming to laughing to sobbing.  It's exhausting and difficult to keep up. An hour will pass and I'll look at my watch relieved we're that much closer to bedtime when I see it's only been ten minutes.  How is that possible?  I try to comprehend how time stands still.  So much is going on in my mind and apparently my child's as well.  He's sweet and adorable and then thrashes around clawing at my face while I attempt to soothe him.  Durning this moment I stare at my watch and considered that it may be broken.  Or perhaps.. did I reset it for a different time zone?  Can I just stick him in his crib an hour early?  I've heard other mothers do that sometimes and they sleep just as long into the next morning. And then, it's too quiet, did he just die?  And so I looked up from my watch to see he was alive, asleep in my arms.  Perfect opportunity to snap a few photos with my camera phone. I thought I'd share them with you.  

This is the peaceful baby. He's exhausted himself and fallen into a deep, deep beautiful sleep. I hope he stays there for a long time. 



Here are his toes.  Baby feet are adorable.  His toes are long and squished.  Actually, I'm a bit concerned that he'll need a toe straightener procedure.  I wonder why they don't lie flat.  Are they supposed to lie flat? I consider my feet and decide that when at rest my toes sometimes overlap too.  But not that much.  Is Henry's overlap too much? Should I be concerned? At any rate, I like the cuteness of them peeking out from under his homemade baby blanket. 

His sweet little rosebud mouth comes from my mother.  They share lip genes.  They're so full and beautiful.  I wonder if injections would make my lips that full.  Nah, they'd probably look fake and Gary would have a fit.  On the other hand, I could do it without telling him but then he'd probably notice because I did marry the man who notices every haircut and new set of nails put on. I hope his lips stay perfect like this.  I hope they don't become thin.  Do lips become thin?  What a gorgeous photo. 


Here he is entering into a deeper sleep.  I know this because at that moment his entire body heats up and he breaks into a sweat.  His cheeks get flush; the perfect pink color spreads across them.  I start to get a little panicked about him waking up.  Is he too hot?  Is he getting a cramp?  My leg is hurting, I wonder if moving it will wake him.  Perhaps I should wake him and take him upstairs.  Nah, I'll just let him sleep.  I need to just be here now and enjoy this moment we're having together.  


What gorgeous lashes he has.  Long, blonde and thick.  At this point I've taken a good many photos and I can feel him coming up from his dream state. I shift ever so slightly to relieve the cramp I now have going up the entire left side of my body.  I start to panic.  I'd like for him to not sleep too much and then wake when I move him and be up for a few hours.  I should move him now.  But I really should be sitting still enjoying the perfectness of this moment.  I should also be uploading these photos and sending them to Gary.  Well, I suppose I'll let him sleep another 15 minutes and then I'll move him upstairs. 


And then he woke.  But just for a moment. He opened his eyes while still dreaming and looked at me completely not conscience.  Or completely conscience.  He was everything for that moment.  Completely in tune. It was gorgeous.  It took my breath away.  I couldn't believe I was taking a photo right when it happened. And then, as quickly as he had opened his eyes, he shut them and fell back to sleep.  Deeply asleep. 

Some people would consider me the chillest, most laid back mother ever. Chill mother or not, I'm a new mother and this new world is spinning fast.  I try to observe, actively participate and share all at the same time.  And it's good.  It's all good.  And I'm exhausted every night but I sleep well knowing my rest is well deserved. 

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