Apr 12, 2011

Happy Hippo!

 This store was started by a friend of mine. Jessica Oliverson is a stay at home mom to two boys Jarren and Madden.  She and I met online in a mommy forum on Baby Center.  It's a website a lot of moms and soon to be moms go to to connect with each other.  
She and I and a few other mom friends got labeled as trouble makers and got kicked out, repeatedly.  We even formed a support group of sorts to keep us all together while the rival moms were reporting us and getting us kicked out.  Seriously, we didn't do ANYTHING to deserve this.  ha!  No really, I swear, those that know me know I NEVER create problems. 
What happened was we bonded.  First over the birth of our new babies and the huge life changing transformation that happens.  And then we bonded over good old drama.    Eventually the drama died down and we found a different venue that was more welcoming.  
Over the course of moving from one group to another and one hosting site to another, Jessica decided to put her time online to good use and started the store Happy Hippo Boutique.  
It's grown.  Exponentially.  All the women in our group have had the privilege of watching this boutique grow from inception to the store it is today.  
Check it out!  And help support by either making a purchase or spreading the web address to your friends.  Post it on facebook.  Email it. Tweet about it!  Submit it to Oprah!  Let's explode this together. 
Here's Smalls in a dress with adorable red tulle.  Makes me want to have a baby girl
And here's a onsie for the baby who enjoys the night hours.  Woot!  Er, Hoot Hoot!
Henry has this hat in brown.  It's the cutest mohawk I could find.  Go and check out the owl hats too!
And there's lots and lots of baby legs to choose from.  I love baby legs!

Jessica does lots and lots of give-aways.  Some of the past items have been gift baskets, hats, bibs, and jewelry!
And here's the website: http://happyhippoboutique.com/
Happy Shopping! 
That's Jessica and I being adorable.  We met up.  IRL!  

Tell us about how much fun you had spreading the word in the comment section.  

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