Aug 20, 2011

Image Innapropriate: Jours Apres Lunes

    Someone is looking for free publicity and they're about to get some from me!  Jous Apres Lunes is going all out in their next campaign.  They're making little girls look like glamour queens lounging around in Lingerie. The line is targeted for 4-12 year olds and I get it, it's French and the French are more embracing of sexuality than Americans.  But this, this is just ridiculous. A pearled bra? Jackie O sunglasses with a suggestive hip swivel?  Bouffants and suggestive glances? Yeah, this is not a good idea... unless the idea was to get attention and free publicity.  In which case, Bravo Sophie and JAL.  You better believe the blogs, news feeds and I wouldn't want my 6 year old daughter parading around in a bra and panties much less lounging by the pool ala Paris Hilton meets Jackie O.  Give me a break saying these girls are just playing dress-up with mommie's make up in the images.




Ew. Ew. Ew.

Designer Sophie Morin defends, "The materials…have no vulgar connotation: they are totally opaque, nothing transparent. The style is inspired by children’s fashion, with spots, bows, etc." Allow me to clear a few things up Sophie.  This girl might be fully clothed and playing dress-up but to the rest of the world, it looks like she's ready to lose her virginity in your underwear.  I'm gonna guess that that would upset most folk.

Image trumps intention on this one.  It's the message of the image.  The communication was missed on this one.

Time to get back in touch with reality.  These little girls are pre-pubescent.  Lingerie is meant to be functional, not permissively promiscuous.  

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  1. this campain (and others) are about pedophilia only. research the term 'mk ultra sex kitten programming' and your eyes will fall off. we live in a sick world. take care.

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