Jun 8, 2011

Half A Face

Here's something cool, check it out.  I snapped a photo of myself with half my makeup removed.  It's a good illustration of how a model's face acts as a canvas for a makeup artist to paint on. 

Here's a full face of makeup (minus the lips): 

And here's the same look with 1/2 the makeup removed:

This is why it's so important when you go to beauty castings and into agent's offices, do not cover your skin with makeup.  They aren't looking for a girl who can apply makeup or a woman who's beautiful in a cheerleadery-popular-girl-in-high-school kind of way.  They're looking for a bare face, a blank canvas. 

Many models, myself included, look quite plain without makeup.  This is a great quality for a model to have.  If you have the right bone structure, your face can be transformed into many different characters. 

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