Jun 12, 2011

Basic Makeup How To

The one question I get asked the most is how to put on make up. What to wear, how to wear it, how to apply it... people want to know about makeup.

I can't answer all these questions in one blog post. What I can do is take you through a "casting face" this is what I normally wear to an audition. It's a basic face. One key to remember. Apply lightly. Makeup can be built up but it's a real mess to tone it back down. My goal for a casting is to accentuate and bring attention to my best features. In this case, it's my eyes. Here's how I do it:

The tools:


The color:


1. Under eye: Apply concealer under the eye. Blend with your ring finger. Cover only the areas that need correction.


Blend blend blend with your ring finger until it looks like your skin.

2. Eye Brows: I use a brown eye shadow for my brows. I apply it very lightly. A little goes a long way.


Here's how it looks when I'm finished with the brows:


3. Next up, Blush! The Best blush I've found is Orgasm by Nars. Everyone can wear it and what I love about it is the touch of gold it adds to your complexion. It just warms up my face.


I apply the blush to the apple's of my cheeks. And I put a little bit on my forehead, nose and chin. Just a hint. Remember, keep the makeup light.


Moving onto the eyes. My goal is to define and highlight them. I'll use the colors to make the pop. As always, keep it light.

4. I start by lining the lids with pencil


Line your lids right under the lash line on the very edge of your eye.


When I'm done, it looks like this:


5. I use 3 different eye shadow colors on my eyes. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend.4. Start with the eye lid. I use a light color with a bit of shimmer. Here I'm using green.


Apply to the lid:


6. Next I apply a slightly darker shade to the crease of of my eye. This adds depth. Again, remember to apply lightly. It doesn't take much and the goal is to keep it natural.Here's the color I chose. It's a slightly darker shad of green.


Apply it right in the crease, like this:


So now my eyes look like this:


7. Very important, don't leave the rest of your lid bare. I use a color similar to my natural skin color and I blend it all in.


Once blended, it looks like this:


8. The final step for the eye is mascara. I love Loreal's Voluminous.


And here's how it looks after I've put mascara on my top and bottom lashes:


9. Next I like to apply a powder with just a bit of shimmer to completely blend everything again.


And here's how everything looks after it's been blended with powder:


10. My lips are still bare. I use a nude pencil to line and fill them in.


It looks like so:


11. My favorite part of applying my makeup is the highlighter. A friend recently gave me a stick from Victoria's Secret and I love it. I use it to pop any area I want to bring extra attention to. For instance, I'll apply it to my cheek bones:


the upper part of my eye:


The bridge of my nose:


And my lips. here's how it all looks once it's been applied and blended:


12. The final key to keeping the makeup looking natural is to spritz it with a bit of water or other face spray at the end. I prefer Ole Henriksen.


Here's the final look! Clean and natural with all the features I want emphasized, popped.


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