Mar 9, 2011

Jesus Planned Henry's Party!!!

Henry is 9 1/2 months old. Already I'm starting to think about what we'll do for his birthday party. We could make it big and do a theme like Despicable Me. Henry loves that film. I could make a Yellow Minion cake. Like this one...


Cute right? I think so. (notice the baby water in the background? Baby water has all the minerals distilled out and then they charge you to put it all back in with a cute label!)

Or... we could bust my Crumbs cupcake addiction wide open and throw down sugar for the kid in me and some champagne for the adult in everyone else attending. That's more of the "the first birthday is for the parent's" and "Let's celebrate (medicate?) survival" Anyways, while driving home from an audition today, I was fantasizing about the party when I saw another interesting bill board. Apparently Jesus has already planned my kid's party for me! We'll be having a rapture celebration!!! And I'm kind of relieved. I'm not a big birthday party person. Too much pressure to perform in whatever role has been assigned. In Henry's party I'd be hostess and the proud, doting, thrilled, graceful, accommodating, and rested mother. But what I'll probably be is stressed from my family and friends all needing and suggesting a different party than the one we plan as well as exhaustion from preparing, perfecting and executing the birthday party. And the outfit... he has to have the outfit! Henry won't remember it but I have to get the photo, right? Every good mom has that perfect first birthday photo with the kid in a too adorable outfit... I'm exhausted already. It's work and I like to get paid to work. So, I'm happy that Jesus has my back on this one.
Here's the invite! Everyone's invited. All day affair. Party location: Earth After party location: TBD


What games should we play? I just took a poll over at Facebook and got some suggestions and added some of my own... hopefully party planner God is listening.
1. Hide and Seek
2. Pin the Tail on the Sinner
3. Hot Potato of Shame
4. Telephone: the confessional version5. Duck duck you messed up
6. Pinata... no sure what the shape would be... not sure I should go there.7. Spin the Bottle of Blame
8. Limbo
9. Jesus-Says
10. Cake-walk... the winner gets salvation!

Here's hoping my Christian upbringing is enough to get Henry into God's good graces. Otherwise there could be a lot of crying kids at this party.

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  1. My nephew was given a dinosaur book written by Creationists. My sister recently sold it because of pages such as "The Letter I: I is the letter in the middle of sIn and... all the trouble we're in." Other pages had fun poems about dying in a fiery rain and mankind suffering for all of their choices. Great drawings of mass death and pain, too. Perfect bedtime story. Maybe you should read it at the party, eh?