Mar 8, 2011

Fasting Preparation

I started preparing for a fast today. There's a lot to write about how to do so safely. I've been fasting on and off for the past 15 years. I do this by eating mainly vegetables and juices. For instance today I woke up and drank 8 oz or grapefruit juice and 8 oz of water

And hour later I had another 8 oz of water.


An hour later I had a grande skinney mochaccino with an extra shot of expresso then settled in for a 2 hour drive home from the desert. Make that 2 1/2 hours if you count the 3 bathroom breaks en route.

For lunch I had a few bites of vegetable stir fry. 8 oz of coconut water (my new obsession). and another 8 oz of water.

I popped a few tomatoes as a snack and later that afternoon enjoyed a small skinny chai latte and an honest, open talk with a friend about our shortcomings and how to become better humans. Aren't spiritual conversations uncomfortable sometimes? I feel this need to know what I'm discussing but I don't. Perhaps spiritual conversations should be had silently. So we're talking about ourselves, our understanding of God and practicing sharing honestly when we find ourselves purchasing a pair of sandals from an old Armenia woman who approached our table and offered them for a dollar. And here's the thing, both of us were too chicken and uncomfortable to tell her the truth that neither of us are a size 7 and neither of us would wear hot pink beat-up woven sandals. Instead we both made up a story about how this woman needed the money and we didn't want to hurt her feelings and yada yada yada... so much for practicing self honesty... fail.

I got home at 8 PM and ate 1/2 a red velvet crumbs cupcake for dinner. (the end of my Crumbs run... for now) Drank another 8 oz of water.

And right before bed, I finish off the last of the veggie stir fry and I also ate 1/4 of an avocado. And drank another 8 oz glass of water.

So, my goal when preparing for a fast is to cut back on all foods besides fruit and vegetables and their juices. Since I'm human and no longer have the undivided attention of my 20's to focus on self and track every little thing that goes into my body and I don't beat myself up when all I want is a cupcake for dinner. Tonight I ate half and moved on with my evening. Also, since I'm a mom and also terrified I'll lose energy if I go too fast jumping on the fast, I'm ok with having a little caffeine and dairy to give me the extra energy I think I need. I'll continue with this until I feel ready to jump on the fast. This time around I plan on doing a coconut water fast but I'll probably include caffeine because I like to break health rules. Oh, and with that caffeine will be a splash or two of soy milk. That's just how I roll and I'm excited about it. I'm looking forward to rebooting my metabolism and getting rid of the toxins in my body since I started sneaking cigarettes to deal with the stress of a newborn. (not my best decision, but it happened)

On a super fun note, I've been coveting a pair of Shape Ups for months. Yesterday I was at costco (we go there a lot) and there they were! I haven't been this excited at costco since I discovered you can buy 10 pound bags of Quinoa for 10 dollars. My father-in-law gifted me a pair and I haven't taken them off. I'm determined to tone my butt and calves with the least amount of effort. And if that means I have to wear these weird looking shoes when I'm not in public, so be it.


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