Mar 7, 2011

Ben Seccombe's transformation

I cut my friend Ben Seccombe's hair today.   Currently he's living in Malibu but bared traffic and took the drive to Beachwood Canyon for a hair cut.   It was time, beyond time.  Thankfully he had the courage to let me take the first shot at taming the mane. 

Here's Ben a day before his hair cut.  He's been playing the part of a homeless therapist.  As you can see from the photo, he indeed did a great job perfecting the look of a homeless therapist.  I'm proud to know this guy. 

And here's the after... 


I started with a scissors and moved on with a clipper.  That's about as technical as I can get describing what happened today.  I think it turned out great!  And Ben is quite the looker don't you think? 

Currently a student at Columbia Film School.  Here's a link to his early projects.
Keep an open eye for Funny or Die.  Ben will be directing a web series for them soon... I have a feeling... 

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