Jul 5, 2011

Tick Tock Dior

Time's ticking quickly but unfortunately there will be no new posts this week.  I received tragic news over the weekend.  A dear dear friend of mine passed away. 
Right now I have to shut it down and go take care of business.  I'm off to New York tomorrow!  Not to worry, I'll be back in action soon and spreading the luv. 

Until then... can you all please discuss what happened to Christian Dior this couture season?   Bill Gaytten surely was under a lot of pressure and I'd be the first to give him a second chance. Heck, I'd still give John and second and third based on his genius and generosity.  But I really don't see how this collection represents Dior or really what it is.  Any insight?  

Oh, and stay tuned for our next giveaway!  It's gonna be a doozy!  I'm working hard on bringing it together. 

Perhaps someone whispered in Magdalena's ear to think 70's Victoria's Secret Angel?
80's Barbie meets 50's Fran Drescher from the east? 
Here we have real housewives of Beverly Hills hair and a dress that looks like it was made from streamers purchased at 
Vine America Party Store

And, do you think Mimi from the Drew Carey show was inspiration for the makeup? 

On a positive and insidery note... blue shadow is back in! I loaded up on it a few months ago.  To be honest, it makes me excited so I'll be doing a how-to on blue soon. 

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  1. lol. She had to walk like a bird so her big floppy sleeves would be noticed. Cause otherwise it would look like every other muu-muu. DUH. ;)

    I'm eagerly awaiting the BLUE lesson. I wore blue shadow today and look like someone beat the hell out of me. I decided blue must not be my thang, but I'll try it again with proper instruction.

    thanks for visiting my blog! :)