Jul 3, 2011

5 Powerful Beauty Tonics

1. Coconut Kefir:

New discovery!!!  I've been drinking Kefir for years and then I came across Coconut Kefir.  What? My head exploded. Combining two of my favorite health tonics into one?  Yes please! 

Here's just a few reasons it's great for you:
Kefir packs a mighty probiotic punch sending millions of good bacteria into your digestion system to help balance and clean it. The digestive track is where most toxins in the body are stored so probiotics are very important to keep it clean and functioning properly. 

You all know why I love coconut water.  It's super hydrating.  Loaded with electrolytes and nutrients.  It aids in weight loss and appetite control.  

So to combing the two!  I'm super super excited to start using it regularily and report on the results. 

The brand I'm drinking now it Tonix.

Plus it's in an awesome reusable jar! 

2. Rose Water:
Number one on my list for reasons to consume this is Cleopatra used it as a beauty agent.  She drank it and bathed in it. 
It contains flavonoids and loads of vitamins and nutrients.  A little goes a long way so don't let the price of high quality rose oil scare you off.  
I add it to distilled water and drink it all day long.  It's calming and brings dry Los Angeles skin back to life. 
I'll use the oil directly on my skin when it needs an extra boost. 

For a special treat, I'll make my own summer drink using Pietro Romanengo's rose syrup.  The confectioner has been around since 1780 and it's rose syrup is the finest and most flavorful I've been able to find. 

Add 1 part rose syrup to 9 parts water
Add the juice of 1 citrus fruit (lemon, lime, tangelo, orange)
That's it!  Drink it up!
Buy it here.


You can also pour a little on plain yogurt for a breakfast treat.

3. Slippery Elm:  

Feeling like you're about to drop the ball on a really important project?  In the middle of a creative endeavor and are feeling depressed because it's all too much for one person to take on?  You're in luck.  Elm has the ability to calm the nerves and bring a sense of comfort and stability back to your frazzled psyche.  It's like a hug in a bottle.  If I could have a swimming pool of this stuff shipped to my house, I'd be very very happy and would probably have finished one of the other 5 projects I've got staring me down, psychologically tormenting me. 

Other benefits of Elm: 
Bach's website says it dispels the thoughts of fear of failure.  So, it doesn't remove fear of failure, it removes the thoughts of them.  hmmm, ok. 
Great for heartburn
Lots of antioxidants
healing agent for the body

Where to buy: 

4.Kelp extract:
Stress takes a toll on your adrenal glands, and when your adrenal glands are shot, the obesities start to come knocking on your door.  Not fun.  Shot adrenal glands also bring exhaustion and depression to the party.  Not so much fun to deal with. 

The good news is that iodine keeps your adrenal glands protected and supported.  The easiest way to accomplish that is by using kelp liquid extract.  It's tasteless, odorless and is a little miracle in a bottle.  

Here's what else it does: 
Prevents cancer and more specifically helps to fight breast cancer
Strengthens immune system
blocks fat
loaded with other important nutrients like: Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron

The recommended dosage is 4 drops but I usually a lot more than that. 

To purchase go here. It's incredibly affordable. 

5. Aloe Vera Juice
I'll usually drink equal parts aloe vera juice mixed with papaya or mango juice.  Both papaya and mango have additional enzymes in them that are great for digestion and aloe vere juice is the king of them all. 

Aloe vera juice detoxifies the body and more specifically the digestive system.  Which is key for good health and weight management.  It improves circulation and is an internal healing agent. 

The best part about aloe vera juice when taken internally is that it helps to speed up the turnover of cells.  Which means, your body maintains a youthful appearance!  How much do you love that?  Beauty from the inside out. 

I like to purchase a large bottle and drink it all day every day.  I mix it with everything, except coffee.  Just the idea of that is gross. 
To purchase go here

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