Jun 27, 2011

Oooh Boy, I'm In Trouble Now

So I get a tweet today from Adam over at the NY Daily News.  My blog post about 
Giorgio Armani
 came to his attention and he wanted to talk with me about it.  Oh boy.  I went totally numb.  I just knew I'd gone too far and gotten myself in trouble and I was positive that someone at Armani returned their calls and wanted to let NY Daily News know publicly that they'd be suing me for defamation.  

I quickly posted on my mom's group online for support while I walked through this new lawsuit territory.  And I made a mental list of lawyers and people I could call just incase it all came tumbling down. Then I reached out to my friend who sometimes forwards my posts to the press.  Nope, this wasn't him this time. 

I emailed Adam to ask if I was in trouble and to also let him know I'd be happy to answer any questions he had regarding that post.  Then I looked at my husband and started to cry.  Like quivering bottom lip cry.  Yep, I was the ballsy kid on the playground that wasn't afraid of anything as long as I was surrounded by my peers.  The second a teacher or some other form of authority showed up I'd freak out and try to hide the evidence before my friends and I got in trouble.  "Oh, hi teacher.  We're just playing a friendly game of tag over here.  Nothing's going on.  Feel free to move along."

Well, it turns out the NY Daily News wants to run a story on my response to Mr. Armani's recent public tirades.  A model that gives an honest opinion.  That's a good thing right?  Press is good. No lawsuit.  I repeat.  No lawsuit. It has been confirmed by Adam there is no lawsuit. I am not in trouble, at least not yet. 

You see, I was honest on the phone and they asked me a lot of questions about the industry and I could get into trouble for this.  I really could.  I was reminded of that one time way back in the day when I was dating a famous actor (who will remain nameless because he does have a team of sue happy lawyers).  He came to MN to spend Christmas with my family.  The National Enquirer found out.  I had been doing my best for months to keep this relationship under wraps.  My dad received a phone call from the N.E. and spoke with them for 45 minutes.  He called to let me know and said "When you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to hide.  Boy they sure are nice over there."   My ex was so upset.  He put bodyguards on me for the next 2 weeks to "protect" me from the press and called his army of lawyers to quash the story. Let me tell you, it is so embarrassing to walk around with bodyguards when no one cares. I'm a model, not a celebrity. It just looks weird.  Fortunately Tom and Nicole got divorced and took press priority. The holiday story never ran.  I was able to continue and end my relationship out of the public eye. 

(Imagine these guys following you around backstage at runway shows for protection)
(Or this guy showing up on your doorstep every day while you go to the deli for a coffee)
There's a point to the above story... I ended up doing exactly what my father did.  I answered every question Adam asked with an honest response and thought the entire time, "my, these reporters are really nice people."   I guess I just wasn't raised to be silent. 

Now, back to the freaked out kid in me on the playground and the trouble I might find myself in if this story gets printed.  I'd like to say right now; I'm sorry in advance to anyone I offended. However, I can't apologize for your business practices because I didn't create them. Also, I respect agents and the amazing job they do creating new talent.  Yes, my lovely, loyal agents... I won't repeat what I said now and I probably wouldn't have said anything, but Adam asked if my agents were helping me launch my blog. You know what I'm referring to now, right? (Although I doubt my statements will be included in the story, I intimate it here because there's a lot of models who read my blog that need to know they're not alone in the sometimes frustrating relationships with agents) What else should I apologize for?  Hmmmmmm... that's about it. 

Oh, I know.  Angelina Jolie.  Your photos are gorgeous and I know that you have little control over how they're marketed.  If my blog post about your Louis Vuitton ads offended you (although I'm sure you haven't read it) I'd like to assure you that it's one of my more popular posts and many people are happy that a truthful light was shed on the PR spin from LV's peeps. 

Well, I ended the conversation with Adam by saying that I'd like to see what they plan on printing before they print it.  And maybe they can't be bothered to send me their story before they print it and it will never see the light of day.  And all this worry will have been for nothing.  I take it all back.  I apologize for nothing!

Lastly, I'd like to say blogging rocks!  I've received so much gratitude from designers, editors and models in fashion that are happy with the honest perspective I bring to the fashion industry.  I'll continue to write for them.  


  1. You crack me up Emily! Continue to write, you're awesome!

  2. I can't imagine beginning to blog with a public image already present. That does create a different spin for what and how you write, doesn't it? Good luck. Hope everything works out ok.