May 10, 2011

Modelwire Network and a Chic Outfit

I met with Shana Oates and Eileen Lee from Modelwire Network today.  We met near their offices in Korea town to discuss my being an expert on their site.  I love sharing any info I can about modeling and the business.  They need a model who's "been there" to help models who are trying to "get there".  I think this will be a good relationship.  Especially since we ended the conversation discussing the facets of government cheese and trailer park living.  Hello to everyone who uses tin foil as curtains!  We LOVE you!

I feel right at home already. 

We met at Koffae.  I think it's a Korean fancy way of saying coffee.  I like it. 
Here's a page from the menu. 
Notice anything weird?  I did.  almost $7 for a cup of coffee???  What kind of cafe world did I just step into? I couldn't help myself and had to ask the waiter, "Are we talking dollars or does this menu represent another type of currency?"

Hey at least the parking in the lot next door was free.  That is until a valet showed up two thirds of the way through our meeting and asked me for my keys so he could move my car one spot over.  The lot was empty.  He'd apparently just arrived for work and was anxious to do his job so he actually went into coffee shops that serve $7 coffees and asked people for their keys so he would have something to do.  Now that's assertiveness.  I'd like to hire him one day to work for my arch enemy doing costumer service.  

Hugs and kisses all around at the end of the meeting.  I paid the valet 55 cents... it's all the cash I had on me.  I explained it was why I had parked in the free lot instead of a meter because I didn't want to run around finding an ATM and cashing a $20.  He just laughed and waved me along.  Now I'd like to hire him to work for my arch enemy as an accountant. whahahahahaaaaaah...

Here's what I wore to the meeting.  I wore this outfit specifically because I wanted to show, in the spirit of today's economy, you don't have to spend thousands on your wardrobe to look chic. 
The dress is $50 from 
Gap!  44.95
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs Resin Faceted ring. $88  I noticed online they're onsale for $65. 
Necklaces: J. Crew These were the most expensive items I was wearing. I purchased each of them for about $100 a few years ago. 
Jacket: Lush Purchased for $50 at Hardware on Larchmont 

152 Larchmont Blvd 90004

Happy Shopping!  

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