Apr 26, 2011

Oh-No! Gallia-no Campaign

Oh boy.  Here we go. The campaign has started.

I'm waiting for the inevitable t-shirt edition Team Gallia-no! to show up on CocoPerez.  

I can't imagine many in the fashion world are going to jump on this band wagon.  John is too influential a creative force to be gone for long. Vice issues aside, he's one of the kindest and accommodating designers I've worked for. 

For example.  I walked the Dior show for him a few years ago and my fitting was at 2 AM the morning of the show.  Yes, 2 AM.  The only other designers I've shown up for at 2 AM are Jil Sander and Dolce Gabbana.  For John, I'd show up at 4.  Not only did he offer me food, drink and place to nap while I waited for the models before me to finish, he offered me a ride back to my hotel from his driver when mine showed up drunk, yes drunk.  I love the Italians. 

I strongly disagree with the comments that were made in the video.  I do think it's important to recognize that these comments came from a place of complete mind-altering inebriation. Who's to say that John even holds these beliefs to be true.  I think it'd be best to hold personal judgement until a statement comes out from a sober Galliano on these remarks.  

Mr. Galliano rebuilt Dior with his creative genius and undying commitment to theatrics  when it was flailing to find a foothold in the late 90's.  Let's not forget the contributions John gave the fashion community and especially models.   His ability to create space for theatrics allowed for many body types and afforded models an opportunity to perform in an often times mundane runway world. 

Here's me backstage Dior with 3 hours of sleep

... and on the runway for Dior: 

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