Apr 27, 2011

Going To Hell Head First On A Slip 'n Slide

Hey y'all! I'm going to Hell head first on a Slip 'n Slide tonight! 

I've got David LaBruyere (the famous @DelaSpeaks on twitter who hasn't posted anything but apparently people will still follow him) at my house.  He, myself and Gary all started talking about delicious sweet treats.  We inevitably had our Dom Delouise's Fatso moment and worked ourselves up into such a frenzy, we had to leave the house, drive to the supermarket and purchase 3 pints of Ben and Jerry's and a gallon of Apple Juice.  Never one to miss out on an opportunity to exercise I threw on my Sketchers Shape Ups to do a little tush toning as we meandered the ice cream aisle. 

Here's what happened next. 

I Facebooked totally high on sugar and probably posted some things I shouldn't have. 

Dela passed out while texting on his phone. 

And Gary, well he was the most responsible of all of us.  He stayed off line.  Ate his ice cream.  Tried to have a conversation with 2 totally Sugar Stoned adults and then went to bed.  Hence, I have no photo to show for his hard work.  Instead I'll post this photo from Fatso.  Have you seen this film?  If not watch it over the weekend.  Anne Bancroft directs one of the most hilarious films I've ever had the good fortune to come across. 


It was a great evening.  And that's all I really have to say about that. 

Ice Cream is back in the freezer and it's bedtime, which, if you're reading this now, might be an acceptable next move for you. 

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  1. :) I don't know that I've been sugar high in a very long time... I love that hypnotized look you have in the eerie glow of the laptop...