Apr 17, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet Giveaway!

Big Giveaway! Supermodel Blogger just opened her fan page and blog! Who wants a Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet?  

We're giving away 2 of them! 


2 easy steps to enter: 

1. Go to: http://supermodelblogger.posterous.com/ and click the Facebook "Like" box

2. Email EmilySandberg@mac.com with the subject Subscribe to be added to the blog. 

Once we hit 5000 fans and 1500 subscribers, the giveaway will begin! 

Winners are chosen randomly and will be announced on the fan page and emailed to the winner!  


  1. I love your posts:) My friends referred me your site for the first time. And I'm still following your posts everyday. Take care. Keep sharing.