Apr 18, 2011

A Curvy Size 4?

The fashion industry embraced curves again after Giselle's breasts hit the scene and blew up the runway.  The shift followed Karen Elson feeling the heat for being a chubby size 4.  As Karen became busy losing the chub, the industry became bored reporting on it and decided instead to embrace curvy women.  (not to worry, this shift did nothing to deter Karen from working, she's doing and looking amazing) Curves became an enviable trait but everyone was confused.  What did this mean?  How do we "get" curves? Will the clothing suffer? The confusion lasted only a season.  Quickly it was realized that all the hype surrounding curves was only hype.  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, acceptance of curves hadn't change anything and we could all continue working as normal. This was around the time I started modeling.  By the time I landed in New York I had spent 6 months dieting and exercising my way down to a size 6.  I felt thin in a "suffering-for-fashion-while-doing-something-important-with-my-life" kind of way.  My ribs were popping out and I felt ready to work.  My agents thought otherwise.  And they were correct. A high fashion model must be a size 2 or 4. 





Quickly I was thrown into appointments with nutritionists and trainers and finally a plastic surgeon as they tried to whittle my body down as quickly as possible.  I learned early what it takes physically to model and it wasn't fun.  It was hard work.  But I did it and eventually found a way to maintain it without having to starve myself and spend hours in a gym.

2 months after arriving in New York I began working with Steven Meisel and Italian Vogue.  I shot a lot of portraits and beauty because none of the clothes fit me.  It was mortifying trying to stuff my hips and arms into dresses cut for what appeared to be 12 year old boys.  How do these other girls do this?  Am I the only one struggling to fit the clothes?  After a few runway seasons, I knew most of the girls I was working with to be blunt and ask these questions.  Turned out I wasn't the only one fighting, what I like to call, The Battle of the Imperceptible Bulge.  Most of the models I talked to were desperate to find a solution beyond throwing up and starving themselves.

I did find that solution and it's one I follow today. I've been able to shave off another 6 pounds without much effort the past two weeks.  I'll share a few tips with you. 

1. Hydrate!  Coconut water is the best hydrator on the planet.  It curbs your appetite and supplies the body with tons of electrolytes, amino acids and enzymes helping you to feel energized.  Drink 2/day. 

2. Eat Quinoa!  Quinoa is a grain that is loaded with protein. 14 grams for 1/3 cup to be exact!  The protein keeps you feeling full longer and slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.  I'll have 1 cup of Quinoa mixed with steamed or stir fried vegetables and feel comfortable full for hours. 

3.  Move!  It doesn't take much to activate the body and get your metabolism going.  Take a walk around the block.  Go up and down your stairs a few times.  Have your husband or roommate hide the keys when you're running late and work up a little sweat trying to find them.  Keep it fun.  Keep it easy.  Just take a small physical action 3 or 4 times a day. 

While the curvy movement is still soldiering on in the press and editors are speaking out in support of healthier models, the standard sample size remains a 2 or 4.  

Here's a few easy recipes to get you started. 

PIneapple-Coco Sparkler 


Coconut water
Pineapple juice
Sparkling water

1. Drive to Trader Joes or your local grocery. 
2. Buy Vita Coco water, Pineapple juice and sparkling water.   
3. Drive home or back to the office. 

Crack open the container of coconut water. 
Pour 17 oz into a container.  

Crack open the container of Pineapple juice
Pour 8 oz into the same container

Crack open a bottle of sparkling water
Pour 8 oz into the same container. 

Mix with a spoon or fork or your finger. 

Drink throughout the day! 



Water (4 cups)
Chicken broth or bouillon (4 cups/2 or 3 cubes)
Quinoa (2 cups)
Garlic (2 cloves)

1. Drive to Costco or Sam's club or your local grocery. 
2.  Purchase Quinoa, garlic, dill and chicken broth or bouillon
3. Drive home or back to the office. 

Put 2 cups of quinoa in a sieve
Place the sieve with the quinoa in it  in a large bowl 
Fill the bowl with water
Let it soak for 15 minutes or longer.  This will help it blossom. 

Pour 4 cups of water or chicken broth in a pot
Dump a lot of dill in there.  I love dill. 
Add a few cloves of garlic chopped
Add the bouillon if you used water instead of broth

Bring the stew to a boil and add the quinoa. 
Turn the heat down so that the mixture is simmering.
Let it simmer for 15 minutes. 

Voila!  Quoina!  This will make 6 cups of quinoa which will last in your fridge for a week.  

I like to add sauteed or carmelized onions, chicken, vegetables and beans.  I throw everything in quinoa and then eat it and feel bettter. 

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