Mar 25, 2011

Mommy Couponing 101 (pt. 2)

My mom and I went back to Target yesterday. I brought with me the email showing clearly that this was not a scam. As well, I brought my stack of coupons. As we made our way back to the baby food section I could feel the excitement building. Would I be able to use my coupons this time? Would there by any food left? Had another mother gotten savvy and ahead of me? Would I be able to get through check out?
This time I had only 12 coupons. I had given them to Henry to hold onto and some of them had blown away because Henry doesn't know how to keep from dropping things on the floor. And sometimes I'm just too tired to bend over and pick it up. Especially the other day when I felt utterly defeated having been rejected by the Target checkout lady. I know, I probably shouldn't be letting a 10 month old be responsible for holding onto the coupons. That's why I'm not mad at him for dropping them all over the parking lot.
So, we had 12 perfectly useful coupons left over from the other day and I picked up these goodies:
My mom and I were trying to figure out the best approach to get through check out. Both of us were a bit nervous I'd get stopped again. She then had the brilliant idea of Self Check-out. Why hadn't I thought of this before?

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Alas, Target has no Self Check-out.

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After my mom and I decided that we'd better stay away from the young people this time. (they're always asking for assistance) We instead decided to go with this woman who appeared to know a thing or two about checking people out. She was incredibly friendly and helpful and didn't blink an eye the entire process. Now this is service.

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Here we are figuring out all the coupons. It took a while and again a line formed behind me. This time, I did not offer any assistance and allowed the other customers the dignity to curse me under their breaths if they needed to.
I saved $39.08!!!!!
By the way... I just went to Fed-Ex and printed out 20 more coupons (better to use their ink than mine) but I got a parking ticket while doing so for $58. It would seem I ended up paying for the baby snacks anyways.  Coupons are so much fun!  

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  1. I'm glad it worked out for you! Where did you get those coupons??

    I really like your blog and would like to give you a stylish blogger award:)

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