Mar 29, 2011

Posing tips

Went to downtown LA last week to help a friend pick up supplies for Pamper Me Fabulous event.  I browsed around while she shopped.  I came across this full length mirror and thought I'd snap a few photos to show some modeling tricks for posing. 

What I'm going to show is how to make your hips and thighs appear smaller in photos

Step one:  Here's me full frontal.  I'm standing normal.  Cute.  As you can see I've dropped a bit more weight by heading to the gym 4 days a week for 1/2 hour.  More on my quick and easy workouts coming soon. 
Next Step.  Put a hang how your hip to give you waist line more definition. Push with your hand to make your waist appear smaller than it actually is.

Notice the fingers are placed firmly and lengthened create the illusion of a smaller waist. 
Now, push your hips back and lean your torso forward slightly.  The trick with posing it to create long lean lines.  Be direct with your actions.  Don't be afraid to push ever so slightly past your comfort zone.  Posing is all about strength and grace. 
Now, bend a leg.  Whichever feel natural. 

Pop that bent leg by going up on your toe.  It takes the pose from "whatever" to "something".  However we're not finished yet. 
Throw a shoulder up and forward to create more interest.  This brings your torso up higher and give you a few more inches to push those hips out to the side and back to make them appear even smaller without losing length. 
Let's do it again! Here I am standing normally. 
Place your hand on your hip firmly, push in the waist with that hand and make sure your fingers are spread out gracefully. 
Push those hips back and torso forward slightly. 
Bend that knee and pop it by going up on your toe. 
I popped it more here by pushing my hip out even more and going up on my toe more.  Pushing your hip to the side helps also hide saddle bags. (Also, Lipo works for that lovely womanly area)
See what happens to my thigh if I don't bend to the side?  Yep, it appears bigger now.  And you can now see the bit of curve I have on my inner and outer thigh.  Not a good look for a model. 
If I move that leg completely across my body and lift my shoulder to keep the length, the leg again appears small.  Always find the angles.  Linear lines. 
And that's it!  Super easy to do  Have fun practicing! 

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