Mar 30, 2011

Person of the Day

I'm part of an awesome group of moms on Facebook. I check in with these ladies daily. We support each other and laugh together and help each other grow to be better moms and humans in general.
We started a Person of the Day club. Each evening Erika starts a document for the person who's day is the next day. We type in all our questions. Everything you ever wanted to know about that person is allowed. There are no rules!

On your day, you answer all the questions in the document and all the girls go to your profile, photo stalk you, add comments and posts love on your wall.
I wanted to share with my readers about this. It's a really great way to get to know your friends and to also show how much you appreciate them. Start your Person of the Day club now with your group of friends.

Oh, and today is Emily Sandberg Gold day!!! If you want to post some love on my wall or photo stalk me feel free:

Don't miss the opportunity to let people know how much you love them today. Friends come and go. It's important to spread the love now! 

Enjoy the day today everyone!

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