Mar 1, 2011

Ever seen a pregnant supermodel cry?

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Do I dare post this? Yes, I think I will. It makes me laugh now every time I see it.
Here's a little back story. I'm 9 months pregnant. Nothing and I mean NOTHING fits me. My mom generously bought me an entire new wardrobe of maternity clothing and nothing fits. Those track pants I have on may as well be a pair of tights.
Gary wanted to go do a little household shop at costco and I wanted to go along to get a hot dog. So I rolled myself out of bed and went to put some leggings on. I fell over. Not once but twice. Each attempt to lift my leg cause my body to shit dramatically out of balance and my newly expanded hips would not cooperate and I toppled. ...not so gracefully.
I managed to squeeze my hips and thighs into these track pants. Gary walked in the room at the right moment and so, so kindly (and secretively I might add) video tapped me with his phone.

ps. look at my belly! It's practically my own personal portable table.
and check out the diaper genie... already to go!

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