Mar 2, 2011

Barefaced with Lip Gloss

My friend James Van Alden asked if I would sit in a my living room chair and let him photograph me with no makeup, no lighting and no hair. Just me. In a tank top.
My first thought was no (expletive) way am I letting anyone photograph me without at least a bit of concealer. But James wouldn't have it. It was a barefaced challenge. I considered the challenge and countered back. If he wouldn't let me use concealer or color of any kind, I would accept the challenge if he let me use two products: clear lip gloss and mascara. And... he said yes! Game on.
Little does he know, I can work an entire face with these two simple tools.
There is so much you can accentuate and flaws you can hide with a simple tube of lip gloss and a bit of mascara. In these photos I used it to:
1. sultry up my eyes by smearing it on my eye lids (I used a bit of mascara mixed with the lip gloss to give some depth)2. pop my cheek bones. Just dab a little on the bone and let the natural light pop them out3. I also used the mascara mixed with the gloss to create a bit of shadow in the hollows of the cheek and create definition
4. clean up my brows. I rub my fingers together to get rid of the excess and then run them over my brows. Voila! Smooth and it appears I even plucked them. (I didn't)
5. tame the fly-aways. that extra bit of shine in my hair is thanks to lip gloss.6. puff up my lips. I have such petite lips. Putting a bit of gloss on the edges helps to pop them a bit and makes them appear fuller.
7. mascara on the lashes
8. a bit of mascara rubbed along the eye line on the bottom to help bring my eyes out

Here's the end result. I think James and I did good.

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