Aug 10, 2011

Photographer Greg Kessler: Macro-Morphosis

One of the most creative backstage photographers I've ever worked with is Greg Kessler. He did all the photos for Bazaar under the tutelage of Patrick McMullan. But since those early days, he's been shooting for Real Simple, The New York Times' T Magazine, 10 Magazine and Dossier Journal. 

In my heart, he will always be my backstage buddy. We used to pass the time by setting up impromptu shoots with themes. We never had more than 5 minutes to shoot because of the frantic pace of shows but the challenge was fun.

The one we completed was the theme Machine.  At every show, Greg and I would shoot me backstage by the various machines used to make fashion shows happen. If I knew where those photos were, I'd post them here. 
What I wanted to share with you is Greg's newest art piece.  


Kessler plans to take each part the face and stitch them together into an interactive touchscreen digital art installment.  In Greg's words... “I see it as a tactile digital art piece,” he says. “You can put your hands over the face and each feature will be animated: blinking, winking, kissing, licking, 

Greg is one of those people that brings the joy out and lights up a room.  Go check out his portraits on his website 
The world needs a little more Kessler.  I'm a fan.  Are you?  


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  1. These are gorgeous! I am a fan as well:) It's so interesting reading your posts!