Aug 3, 2011

A Crafty Fendi Bag

Here's something ridiculous for mothers to send along with their children to summer camp this month.  

Arts and Crafts by Fendi! yay!

For $995 you get to needle point your own Fendi baguette.  Every Upper East Side child deserves this in their sleep-away camp bag. 

It's a pretty cool project… especially if you're the lady who's summer house we're currently vacationing in.  She's got needle point decorating the majority of the walls here.  And she's really good at it. So, a little less ridiculous would be to give one to her as a thank you gift. 

There's a Fendi bag calling her name and I know the person to call. 

Thuy Kieu is a sales consultant at the Fendi store in Bloomingdales; the one on Lex and 59th. Call her if you want to join this bag party. She's got the stash. 

If I finish my bag, I'll post a photo of it so you can see my fine crafty needle point skills. I learned how to do it in the 4th grade.  I was in Brownies and 4H.  So, basically, I'd consider myself a needle pointing pro.  Watch out Karl Lagerfeld… there's a new purse needle pointer in town and her name is Emily Sandberg! 


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