Jul 28, 2011

Oh, For Crying Out Loud! (These 2 Look AWESOME!)

I was so happy to be back in New York today, more specifically, the lower east side.  LES.  Ahhhhh… I felt comforted smelling the LES air.  It reminded me of when I didn't have to spend 2 1/2 hours at night trying to get my child to sleep.  Which, he normally does, but this past week with jet lag, teething, brain growth, etc… he's a very light sleeper.  It's so frustrating.  I filled him full of medication last night, anything that would make him sleep.  And I was upset when I decided the "get-your-child-drunk-enough-to-pass-out" time had finally arrived when I realized the wine my friend was drinking was gone.  Empty.  My child has still not been drunk, but many have told me the wonders of whiskey when dealing with children that won't sleep. 

I ended up walking him around in a stroller for an hour, then passed him off to my husband to deal with.  When he finally fell asleep in the stroller, we just let him stay there, terrified, yes, actually terrified of picking him up to lay him in his bed.  It's no wonder so many of my mommy friends rely on xanax to get through the first 5 years.  Unfortunately massive doses of xanax aren't going to work for me.  I'll die. But kudos to the moms who have the balls to ask their psychiatrists for xanax.  I don't know many that would appreciate the special stress created when you're not able to get your little bundle of heaving, irritable, screaming joy to calm down and rest.  

I do, however, have the balls to take photos of strangers in the streets.  I stopped these two below to take snap shots of their outfits.  Literally minutes before I had been complaining loudly to my husband and to anyone within earshot that New York fashion sense has gone to hell.  Everyone appears as if they're attempting a look but it never quite hits the mark. It looks like fear or confusion stepped in at the last minute and ruined the rhythm.  I don't know when this happened but coming back into the city has been a shocker for me.  When did everyone give up on tailoring?  And who's picking out the shoes these days?  Also, when did it become fashionable to look like you threw on your grandmother's crumpled house dress with a wide belt and cheap plastic banana earrings?  I wish I would have had my camera ready for that shot. 

And then I looked up and saw this man's shoes.  And then the harem pants and the perfectly baggy tee.  And, oh, the bag! …the leather and metal flail detail.  And then, as I turned to ask if I could take a photo, I saw the necklace.  Margiela.  Gasp. I'd been dying for it a few months earlier.  I had to have the photo and thankfully, he obliged. 

After seeing the necklace, I really wanted everything he was wearing to be Margiela.  So I didn't pay attention to the actual designers or shops he purchased the rest of his look at.  What I did hear was London but nothing that started with an "M."

And she was such a trooper.  She jumped right in.  Her outfit is rocking too. The hat and ankle pants.  The awesomely architectural sandals.  All perfectly matched with an apple green sweater and complimenting lipstick.  Gorgeous. 


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