Jul 28, 2011

Noodle Nation

Noodle Nation is beginning.  It's a kid's movement.  Kids are smart; hopefully smarter than us parents.  I mean, just look around at the world we've left them.  Could we really have done no better?  Perhaps not, but that's a different topic of conversation.  

Let me tell you about Zak Morgan.  He's part of a trio of musicians that have come together to change the face of children's music. 

Zak Morgan is a children's artist. I first fell for his lyrics. "Candy can make you as smart as Einstein and brussel sprouts make you demented."  His themes hit close to home for me. One of them being authenticity; illustrated by a song about a horse that wants to be a ballerina.  Then I fell in love with his album cover.  The artwork was done by illustrator CF Payne<---- That guy is genius. 
Zak sings for children that are already aware of the world around them, speaking to them with respect to their intelligence. My husband, Gary Gold, got involved shortly after being introduced to Zak by David LaBruyere, a world famous bass guitarist.  The 3 of them are doing something really really cool.  They're building a Nation of Noodlers.  They're still at the stage of conceiving and building the brand but I'd like to jump the gun and get you hip to the music anyways.  

Gary and I took Henry to see Zak play at the Beverly Hills library.   There's something magical about Zak.  All he needs is a guitar and an audience of children and his light turns on. 


You can't see all of them but there's over 100 children watching the Zak Morgan show.  And look.  They're... all. paying. attention.  Every single one of them was engaged.  

And when was the last time you saw this spontaneously happen at a show?  Yep, the children gathered spontaneously. You know, Pied Piper style.  


There's something special about Zak and I think it has something to do with his deep respect for children and their ability to think for themselves.  Instead of telling them what to think and how to behave, he challenges them to think for themselves and decide what's correct behavior.  If you ask me, it's a refreshing approach. 

More photos of the kids: 
Give it a listen and see if your kids like it too.  The entire album takes you on a wacky, delightful, imaginative adventure.  What an amazing world!


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