Jul 16, 2011

Carmageddon My Foot. (Warning: I think Illegal Activity)

My friend Meredith and I decided to brave Carmageddon today. In case you're not aware, the 405, a major vein for LA traffic, is closed for the weekend. The media, bloggers, news broadcasts etc has a name for the whole mess; Carmageddon. We were warned of grid lock for miles and were cautioned to bring extra water just in case. 
We didn't heed the warnings.  Why?  We had things to do.  3 specifically:  

1. Hit Santa Monica Beach and check out a surf competition
2. Drive back to Griffith Park for the Two Point Oh! Los Angeles blogger picnic
3. Visit our friend Norma in Torrance

How in the world would we make it from Silverlake to Santa Monica, back to Los Feliz and then out to Torrance?  In normal Los Angeles traffic, that would be next to impossible, however, 
Meredith and I are the type of personalities that laugh at the impossible.  Aren't you? 

Check out this video of us driving back from the beach. 

WARNING: I'm pretty sure it's totally illegal to drive and video tape.  However, if I remember correctly, Meredith was holding the camera... 

IMG_5194.MOV Watch on Posterous

For those of you not from LA: 

Silverlake to Santa Monica: in carmageddon traffic: 23 minutes (Normally 45 mins - 2 hrs)
Santa Monica to Los Feliz: 

in carmageddon traffic:
17 minutes (Normally 45 mins - 2 hrs)
Los Feliz to Torrance:

in carmageddon traffic:
 40 minutes (Normally 1 - 1 1/2 hour)
Torrance to Los Feliz: 
in carmageddon traffic: 
42 minutes (Normally 1 - 1 1/2 hour)

A new friend, David, told me yesterday to live in the possibility not the probability.  Carmageddon was the perfect time to test out that application to life.  Yep, he's onto something.  We blasted the Beach Boys and drove the 10 and 110 freeways.  It felt like I imagine old skool Cali to have felt before traffic, smog and egos took over the city. 

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