Jul 18, 2011

4 Tips For Business Success

Friends help each other.  We support each other.  We show up for each other.  

My friend Lisa runs her own consulting business.  One of her clients is a cosmetics company.  Being the overachiever she it, she has decided to take a makeup certification course.  Why would someone who doesn't have aspirations to become a makeup artist take a class of this nature?  Pay attention to the answer if you want to find out what it takes to be successful in business.   

She's thought it would be a good idea to do long term so that she'd know what's taught and what the experience of the students going through the class is like.  Also, if she's at an event and the creative team needs an extra pair of hands, she'll be available to jump in. 

Her experience tells me 4 things about being successful. 

1. Team work: One must be willing to be a worker amongst workers in order to succeed.  The leader may not be able to do every job perfectly but it's important to know what the people you've hired to complete a job are doing.  Understanding what they do helps you hire the right person for the job.  As well, if the team is going down, it's the leader's responsibility to bring them back up.  Lisa can now step in and support, work amongst and better direct the teams she works with. 

2. Immersion:  When being hired by a company it is important to fully understand not only who the company is, but what their goals are and what challenges lie in front of them to meet these goals.  It takes fully immersing yourself with those around you.  I'm not talking about going out after work and getting trashed and sleeping with your co-workers.  Not classy, nor is it professional.  What I'm talking about is immersing yourself in the company culture.  Get involved.  Find out who people are and work together.  

3. Commitment: Lisa has a track record for delivering big sales increases for the clients she chooses to take on.  Why?  She's committed to them and their brand.  There's a reason why at some point during her contract terms, companies are offering her jobs to be heads of departments.  I've seen it happen with her 3 times now.  Not only is she committed to her client's brands and objectives, she's committed to seeing them through to fruition.  

4. Value of Self: Lisa knows what her value is.  She knows her strengths and her weaknesses.  Because of this she's been able to align herself with projects that can best utilize her strengths while stretching herself to grow.  The challenge keeps it exciting and fun.  Taking the time to evaluate what your capable of offering keeps your personal brand focused and on target to attract the right growth clients. 

I've learned quite a bit about business watching Lisa over the years.  

I started this post letting you know that we show up for and support our friends.  I did this the other night by jumping on my scooter, loading up on water and joining Lisa for her class as her model.  I didn't even charge her my day rate.  How about that? 


Here's the makeup look she did on me: I classic eye with a Katy Perry twist!  Bravo Lisa!  I think it's great for your first time out the gate as a makeup artist!

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