May 16, 2011

Red Carpet Rambling

Red carpets in Los Angeles are a way of life.  You see them everywhere.  Some people live on them, desperate to be cared about. Others show up out of film contract obligations and are clearly as bored with themselves as we are with them. 

 Let me tell you, there's nothing more humanizing than standing next to Rachael Bilson or Vince Vaughn waiting for your passes and escorts down the carpet. The stars become ordinary standing around making small talk. 
Something deflates internally when you realize celebrities and stars are normal people just doing their job. Thankfully it all changes back the moment they step on the carpet.  I swear that carpet possesses a power that enlightens the person being photographed on it.  Actors just light up and focus the attention on them. I can't help but stare and wait to find out what they'll do with all this attention they've just harnessed.  Usually it's used to talk about themselves or a project as promotion is all part of the job. 

Every once in a while a fortunate chord is struck as designer, star and carpet come together in a moment that's captured on film, or digital, rather.  I don't know what Reese Witherspoons' vintage Dior dress for the 2006 Oscars or Jennifer Lawrence's Calvin Klein Oscar 2011 dress did for sales but I do know it was a money making moment.  
Red Carpets are considered fame makers.  Get on enough of them wearing different designer outfits styled by Rachael Zoe and you too can be a star. The formula worked for Carpet Queens Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and the Kardashian sisters.  They all got famous pushing products, reality tv shows and changing clothes whilst carpet hopping.  But, as fun as it is to watch the one man fashion circus, we've all watched disaster ensue when there's nothing of substance to back up the superficial when it crumbles. 
It's a relief to see an actor get the recognition they've worked hard and sacrificed years for. I love watching friends rise the ranks in Hollywood. They've sweat the rent doing small bit parts while putting themselves through  audition after audition and then, finally, they found themselves on a red carpet that wanted them there.  I cheer loudly in my heart because I see the character building sweat equity it takes to gain momentum in Hollywood regardless of where you start. Yep, I'm thinking about my friend Sam Jaeger from Parenthood.  This guy is a deeply talented actor and director with a work ethic to match none.  Watch out Kardashians, do not go up against this man, you will lose. 
And you know I'm thinking about the Meryl Streeps of the world right now. They're the real royality. They've got it all, respect, talent, style, poise and personality. They bring the real drama to the carpet.  I think the universe actually sucks it in and straightens up a bit when they appear. There's a lot of money to be made promoting famous big butts right now so we don't get to see as much of them as I'd like.  But I get it, red carpets are running a business not an in-all-due-respect-fest.  Hopefully the times will change. Watching butts explode on the red has long since lost my interest. 
In closing... Cheers to red carpets.  Cheers to The Kardashians' butts.  Cheers to the Streeps. And Big Megaphone Sized Cheers to Sam Jaeger! 





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