May 17, 2011

Home Alone

I was home alone last week.  When Gary leaves so does all sense of traditional homey goodness in the house.  Laundry gets put on hold, beds go unmade, toys are strewn about and snacks replace meals. 

I tend to regress to single-model-who-was-living-out-of-hotel-rooms-mode. And I'll just go ahead and say this, having Henry to take care of makes the whole disorganized ordeal more difficult.  

I really ought to grow up and do some laundry but I'd rather purchase a new wardrobe.  Anyways, I've got enough clothes for Henry to last a solid 2 weeks without having to do a load and as long as the shower works I can make any outfit work for 3 days so I'm good.  It's disgusting but it's totally true. Hurry home Gary!  

Look at all of Henry's clothes.  Just the organization overwhelms me. 





My friend Zan came over to do her laundry.  It's how we bond.  She does laundry and I read tabloids out loud to entertain us while sitting in my dirty clothes.  And while she folds her clean clothes, I'll fix us some food to eat.  After she leaves I feel great and consider going upstairs to bring my laundry down to be cleaned.  I don’t actually make the effort but it’s good to have the thought.  

See I could live for months just on these clothes alone! Who needs laundry?







I tend to eat the same thing over and over.  While Gary's been gone, I've gotten hooked on Trader Joe's Green Curry Tuna. I throw it in a bowl and microwave it for 2 minutes.  Then I scoop quinoa into it and that's a meal.  It's an easy one too.  I'll have it with a Diet Sunkist and a coconut water.  Delish.  





This weekend I swore I was going to do things differently. I made myself call friends and I invited myself over to their homes to hang out with my child.  What a difference that made.  I bonded with my friends and they bonded with Henry.  The real plus here however was my laundry got finished.  I don’t know how but as I ran out the door to the next destination I’d throw a load in and dry it when I came home. 

Here's Henry and his friend Griffin:



Oh, and actual meals took place!  We moved beyond Trader Joe’s Green Curry Tuna and had lamb chops, yogurt, homemade soup and salads. Everyone survived. The house is clean, tidy and the laundry is folded and ready for Gary to put away.   Welcome home babe!

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  1. You're relationship with laundry sounds exactly like mine! Well, in my case, minus the awesome closet full of nice clothes ;)