Apr 23, 2011

Size Six Fiasco

Go to Barneys in Beverly Hills and you'll be hard pressed to find a size 6, and anything over is kept in the back, off the sales floor. Forget about trying on a 12; you'll have to special order it. On the other side of the hill, also known as "The Valley", if you go to Macy's, like I did today, you'll be hard pressed to find a 2 or 4. And I didn't find many things in a 6 either. However, anything over a 6 and up to a 24 is ready and available. Interesting shift on the sales floor when the demographics change. Regardless, a size 6 is difficult to find. Yesterday I was at Marc Jacobs, killing time with Henry. I found a few things to try on but again ran into the size 6 problem. Most of the items I wanted to try on came in a size 2 or 4. The sale clerks assertively informed me that they would call around and find my size and then call me to come back in to try it on. As I began to write down my fake phone number, I thought it through. Do I really want to squeeze myself into a dress possibly ruining it, walk out with nothing, drive back a few days later, get undressed again to try it on in the correct size, feel pressured to buy because they had to ship it special for me and end up conflicted whether or not I buy. I was exhausted at the end of my future projection. So, based on my crude research, it would seem the majority of women in Los Angeles are a size 6. Either that or stores refuse to stock it, thinking that denial of merchandise is the best way to entice buyers to return.
When I'm a size 2/4 again, I'm sure I'll forget how unpleasant it was to shop as a fatty size 6 in Los Angeles. On the flip side I could be living in Chicago frustratedly shopping at stores where I hear they typically carry only size 8 and up! Here's the dresses I fell in love with at Marc Jacobs, from his SS11 collection.


Red Python Suede Luisa Bag


Elegant summer dress


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