Apr 6, 2011

Eat This Today


They look like this: 


Although this looks like an artichoke, it is not. This is a lamp:

1 Artichoke contains approximately:

53 calories

10 g. Carbs

6.5 g Fiber

3 g protein

Less than 1 g of Sugar

Less than 1 g of Fat

Do you see already why this vegetable rocks so heavy?  High in fiber.  Low in fat and calories.  A decent amount of protein.  Yes please!

You could eat nearly 22 of these a day and not gain weight.  Not that you would eat 22 artichokes.  I might, however, cause I like to experiment with food.  And I usually go with the school of thought, if 1 tylenol is good for you, 3 must be better.  

Here's where the true awesomeness of this vegetable comes into play.   They contain an enormous amount of phytonutrients or antioxidants.  They currently rank #7 in a study the US Department of Agriculture did in 2007.  But really, who cares.  What I really care about it... how will this vegetable keep me thin, beautiful and young?



Some of the phytonutrients (PN) it includes are: 

 1. Anthocyanins

·      This PN keeps you urinary tract clean.  In less sciency sound words, it’s a diuretic. 

·      Eat an artichoke to get rid of bloat.  And, if you’re like me, eat about 5 of them to feel uber svelt.

 2. Gallic

·      This is the PN you’ll find in Red Wine.  It’s a cell proliferation inhibitor which means, it slows down the process of cells getting all crazy and turning into cancer. 

 3. Luteolin

·      Regenerate Liver tissue.  Although I no longer drink… I thought I’d include this little factoid for the alcoholics out there.

 4. Quercetin

·      A very important antioxidant in the prevention of cancer and aging. 

 5. Rutin

·      Mucho needed for the skin.  This is an antioxidant that keeps those skin cells young and working properly. 

Ok.  So now that you know what's in them.  

How do you cook them? 

You don't.  

You go to the store and buy artichoke hearts.  Or even better, drive to a fancy restaurant and order yourself an artichoke appetizer for lunch today. They'll usually serve it with a fancy yellowish sauce. 

Kidding.  I'm German so I usually boil them. 

1. Trim the leaves
2. Cut about 1/2 inch off the top

It will look like this: 

3. Throw in a pot of boiling water
4. Add some garlic, lemon and whatever else you feel good about
5. Boil for about 35 minutes
6. Take it out of the water and let cool. 
7. Pull the leaves off and dip into a dippping sauce you just whipped up
8. Eat the heart in the middle. 


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