Mar 5, 2011

Beauty Product Test Drive

So I was at the drug store yesterday picking up a prescription and saw this product. Don't you hate false advertising? I do. So I like to test these things out... especially when they make crazy claims like color stays on your lips for 24 hours. Come on. I'm not 12, but I'd be happy if it stayed on for more than an hour.
So I put this to the test. Maybelline's website says that this lip stick will last longer than any other lipstick. 24 hours to be exact.
It's a 2 part application. First you use the wand to apply the color. Wait about 5 minutes for it to dry and then finish with the glossy top coat. Easy.
It's a little bit sticky and feels heavy on the lip. The heavy factor died down after the color completely dried. Not sure what that's about but there you have it.Overall I think it does a pretty good job of keeping color on your lips.


This is 9AM. I took this photo about 5 minutes after I applied the product. We're on our way to the desert to visit Gary's dad and see our friend Doran ride her horse. Should be a good weekend.


So, here's the lip at 1PM. The gloss wore off but otherwise the color stayed! I drank a starbucks. The lipstick didn't leave any smudges on the coffee cup. Oh and I talked a lot. Gary and I listened to a podcast of Marc Maron interviewing Gallagher. I had a lot of opinions and thankfully I had a hostage husband driving the car who was forced to listen. At any rate, I talked a lot and the colored stayed on.


Final result: 4PM. This is after a nap and lunch. Yes the color is still there but very much faded and a little splotchy. I would reapply at this point. The end of this product test ride. Gotta get back to socializing with the family...

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